About This Project

The Heineken Tap Marker has added valuable presence to the bars around Ireland. This product houses a bespoke Illumination System and has been designed in the shape of a V to gain maximum and evenly-spread lighting. The LED board illuminates the In Mould Decoration branding tube 360 degrees for maximum effect.

We have incorporated an infrared emitter and phototransistor at the back of the tap marker, this monitors the taps movement. When the tap is in the down position to pour a pint the illumination system in the bottom of the tap marker – which is situated at a 45 degree angle, lights up the Heineken product during dispensing. We have achieved this by using wireless Coda Pins, land and spring contact. NFC technology has been integrated within the Tap Marker behind the ‘Enjoy Heineken Responsibly’ button which links directly to Heinekens web address.

With a grand total of 38 parts per unit, this surely is a extremely unique product.

Demo coming soon…